Chicago Market Board Member and Sustainable Food Enthusiast

I love food! Not just eating great, fresh meals (although that’s certainly part of it!), but understanding the impact of food production on our natural ecosystem and the role food plays in our communities. 

I am passionate about our collective challenge of climate change, which is profoundly influenced by (and, in turn, has an impact on) food systems. Chicago Market can set an example for improving health on a planetary and personal scale by shortening transport distances from farm to store, reducing food waste and packaging, encouraging regenerative farming practices, and offering alternatives to high-GHG foods like beef and dairy.

I also believe in the mission of Chicago Market and the positive impact it is having on the Uptown community. Bringing people together and improving access to healthy, affordable food is an important challenge for our Co-op. In time, I am optimistic we can extend that benefit beyond the Uptown community to benefit even more Chicagoans. 


Urban Designer, Landscape Architect, Sustainability Student & Board Member

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