Introducing Maureen George (and family!)

Please welcome Maureen, Sean, Brenna and Conor to Chicago Market, Owner #1535! 

Tell us your full name – as well as who else shares your fridge (i.e., is a part of your household?.

I'm Maureen George and my family includes Sean, Brenna and Conor.

What motivated you to become an Owner of Chicago Market?

Quality food and to support local farmers.                     

What type of work do you do?

I'm a physical therapist.

What else is really important to you…and why?

My health and everyone’s health, sustainability and increasing public knowledge about its importance.

Do you have a favorite food or “signature dish”?

Strawberry rhubarb pie!

What’s your ‘one wish come true” for Chicago Market? It might be a product for our shelves, a program you’d like to see us offer, a location – you name it!

I'd like it to be within three blocks of my house! And to offer amazing produce, eggs and meat.

What three words best describe you?

Passionate. Practical. Strong.


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