invite to the party.

A bigger party is a better party, so be sure to let those around you know that you're proud to be an Owner and encourage them to join too. 

Quick tips:

Tell your story. The most compelling thing to share is YOUR OWN reason for becoming an Owner.

Invite them to coffee, beer, or one of our Events.

Bring in supportEmail us and one of our Board or our General Manager can connect with your friends.

Make a list of 3 friends and reach out now!

(sample email below)

Not sure how to interest them?

Each person has their own reason for joining the Co-op. Here are some of the most common. Think about which one or two will resonate most with your friends and share those.

Local foods and farmer support — Chicago Market will be a full-service store with a strong emphasis on locally grown and produced foods. Farmers and producers see up to 200% sales growth when a co-op sells their goods.  

Sustainability — Chicago Market will feature a rich bulk foods selection and fill-your-own containers where possible. We'll always strive for careful resource use, reduced packaging, and methods to address food waste.

Jobs — Chicago Market will hire 75+ jobs when we open and we intend to hire as many people as possible from the nearby community. 

Food access — Chicago Market will bring healthy foods and health education to the community and we'll have tools in place to make it affordable, such as SNAP/Link Match, WIC, a discount program for basics, and affordable Ownership options too.

Local economic power — Co-ops retain economic power in the community. We stock our shelves with local goods. We pay wages to local employees. And in profitable years, profit is returned to Owners through their patronage refund. 

Local business/local control — The cooperative advantage means that because we all own Chicago Market together, we keep control of the business in our hands. There are no mysterious, distant shareholders — it belongs to us and we steer it through our Board and our General Manager. 

Care for community — The percentage of income co-ops donate to charitable causes is 3x that of conventional stores. Chicago Market will also partner with food pantries in the area to make food donations.

Adaptive re-use — Chicago Market is proud to be the stewards of a beautiful Beaux Arts building designed by Arthur Gerber in 1923. Our store design will honor the façade and the internal staircase and we're pleased to have the support of both the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and City Landmarks.

For a deeper dive, read through our FAQs.

Make a list of 3 friends and reach out now!

(sample email below)


[your friend's name]

I'm an Owner of Chicago Market, the start-up food co-op coming to Uptown, and I know your values align with the values of the Co-op so I thought you should take a look at it. 

I became an Owner because [insert your story].

Your interest in [insert one or two items from the list above — ie: local foods, sustainability, etc.] fits perfectly with the goals we have as a Co-op. You should join this with me to help make it happen. Co-ops get off the ground because people like us in the community care and commit to helping. 

Can I take you for coffee to tell you more about it? In the meantime, read more here and let's get together soon.

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