January 2022 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter — January 2022

Be that One Owner

January is a great time for your Co-op to grow!
We're celebrating the first month of the year by focusing on YOU, the ONE Owner who matters. 

You have power:
  • One Owner makes a difference;
  • One Owner joins others to build one store;
  • One Owner builds one community.
So make a New Year's Resolution to be that One Owner who:

Not sure how to help? We built a little toolkit for you. Just go to your Get Involved page and help your Co-op move forward quicker. More Owners means a shorter timeline to open, so help your Co-op grow!

Start today:

Did you know...

...that 35% of the U.S. food supply is wasted? And that waste results in annual greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of 42 coal-fired power plants.*

Fortunately, YOU are building a solution:

The average recycling rate of food waste in co-ops is 74%, compared to just 36% in conventional grocery stores.

You and your store will be leaders in food waste reduction!

* source: EPA report

Stay tuned for more events soon!

News from Our Business Owners

Collective Resource Compost: "We are grateful that our composting community grew in 2021 and we were able to divert 1,147 tons for 3000+ customers in Chicago and Chicagoland. We love being part of Chicago Market’s community and strengthening those ties by participating in events in our future store’s space."

Metropolis Coffee is offering Owners one dollar off bags of coffee beans. Stop in at 1039 W. Granville or 3057 N. Rockwell and tell them you're a Chicago Market Owner when you check out.
(Valid every day except Thursday)

Build a Better Market

We own this business together. We operate it. And together, we fund it. 

 You can do it!

Our Build a Better Market capital campaign team is taking a break so we're not making direct outreach at the moment. But Preferred Shares are still available if you reach out to us! Email to get started.


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