January 2023 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter — January 2023

Welcome to Our First Ownership Grant Recipient!

We announced our Ownership Grant Program in December and we're excited to introduce you to our first Grant recipient!

Mark Milton joined us through our community partner, Nourishing Hope.

"I am grateful to the donors for their generous donations that allowed me to become an Owner through the Ownership Grant Program. For years, I have been following the Co-op's social media and am excited to now be a part of the community."

- Mark Milton, Owner #2283

"We're proud to partner with Chicago Market, which is leveling the playing field by empowering some of our lower-income neighbors to fully participate in its Ownership program," said Jennie Hull, chief program officer for Nourishing Hope, formerly known as Lakeview Pantry. "Ultimately, that means expanding access to fresh and nutritious food."

If you'd like to donate, in any amount, so that others may become Chicago Market Owners with you, click here:

And if you know someone who might like a granted Ownership, point them here: Ownership Grant Program

Uptown Farmers Market Update

We are putting plans in place for the 2023 season, and have exciting news coming for you soon about this year's Uptown Farmers Market, so stay tuned!

Board Update

Thank you to Dr. Leslie Jenkins for her service to Chicago Market on our Board. It's been wonderful to have her insight and voice on our team.

If you'd like to be a part of our Board, the best first step is volunteering with us. Click here to get involved. 

Bank Loan Update

The Board is working closely with our banking partner now to finalize details of our construction loan. We hope to close on the loan soon to allow us to begin primary construction! We'll tell you all about it when the ink is dry, but know that your Board is delivering on its fiduciary duty to Owners as we negotiate bank terms and work as quickly as possible to finalize the loan so we can get our store open as soon as possible. 

In the News

Update: City Council Approves Chicago Market Recovery Program Grant

Note that as of December, Board meetings will be on the first Monday of the month.

News from Our Business Owners

Collective Resource Compost: "In response to what felt like a need for ideas about how and where to donate leftover edible food, we wrote a blogpost on the topic called Resources for Food Donation to help our community reduce food waste and divert from the landfill in a different way."

Get Involved

We're not making calls to Owners right now, but you may still reach out to us to invest.
black graphic that reads: invest
Not up for investing but want to help your Co-op financially?
  • Donate any amount here. (can be tax-deductible and recurring)
  • Level Up your Ownership if you're not already a Cultivating Owner.

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