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Uptown Farmers Market Featured

Our business Owner friends at IRPINO Real Estate featured the Uptown Farmers Market that we produce in this month's Local Business Spotlight video. It's fabulous; check it out:



We've got new t-shirts for sale! Buy yours at our booth at the Uptown Farmers Market any Wednesday and show your Chicago Market pride. 


Follow along on the process of your store with this visual of our Timeline.

There is not a lot new to update you on this month. We continue to monitor our store design team's work on our permit resubmission and stay in touch with our bank as they await approval of the SBA (Small Business Administration) backing of our loan. 
  • We anticipated our second round of permit drawings would be submitted to the City in June, but a couple unforeseen items came up as drawings were being reworked so the resubmittal has been pushed to mid-July. 

  • The bank has all needed materials from us at this point.
We always give you the best information we have at the time, but this is a complicated project with a lot of moving parts and outside contractors and government agencies, so there will always be some shifting as we move forward.

But that is the key thing — we ARE moving forward and everything looks good, even if slower than we'd all like. 

Run for the Board

We elect new Board members every year in conjunction with our Annual Meeting — coming in September this year. If you'd like to be a more integral part of the success of your Co-op, consider running for the Board. To learn about what's involved, email Dana, talk with other current Board members at our Uptown Farmers Market booth on Wednesdays, and RSVP to attend:

So, You Want to Be a Board Member
Join Chicago Market Board VP and chair of the Personnel Committee, Dana McKinney in a zoom, Saturday, July 27 at 10:00am, to learn what it means to be a Board Member for our start-up food co-op. She’ll review what the Board does, the skills that typically make a Board Member successful, the time commitments involved, and what it means to be a "working board" versus a "governing board". 

News from Our Business Owners

Collective Resource Compost Collective
"We just celebrated our 14th birthday and we have a gift for you: 10% off all new annual and quarterly subscriptions. Current customers receive a $25 referral credit. Details here on this blogpost. You can choose to keep the credit for yourself or donate it to Chicago Market to support their composting efforts when the store opens."

Cornerstone Community Outreach
Bake for Charity! Eat for Charity!
The fourth annual Chicago's Best Baker Contest is coming to Uptown on Saturday, July 20th! If you'd like to compete as an amateur baker, or participate in the tastings afterwards, go to chicagosbestbaker.com.

All proceeds go to support Cornerstone Community Outreach that is providing housing and support for families experiencing homelessness. Find out more about Cornerstone here.

Get Involved

Your Co-op is a nationally recognized project that will have incredible impact on our local economy and the local food system. Invest in Preferred Shares now—you benefit and your Co-op can lower its reliance on bank debt. 

black graphic that reads: invest
Not up for investing but want to help your Co-op financially?

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