Own It!

My meals consist of ingredients whose true identity I know. I go out of my way to make sure of this. It hasn't always been easy to find a community of people that do the same. Chicago Market has already changed my life in that it brings me community at my farmers markets. I always recognize people and feel inspired to continue on my not-so-easy journey to eat conscientiously and help support the local farmer. Being a member of Chicago Market not only furthers this community, but it will help support the local farms and artisans and create a true system that helps both the seller and consumer. The brilliant thing about Chicago Market is that I have my own vision which specifically changes how we sell meat. But the even better thing is that we all have our own vision and we can work together as owners and as a community to mesh these ideas into one beautiful cooperatively owned grocery store! Join in with me and make this store your own!

Committed to changing the food system and making local and sustainable options available for everyone.

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