Making a Difference

I’m originally from Buffalo NY, and like most Buffalo folk, I share an ability to laugh at myself, to make great things out of the ordinary, and be patient and resilient in times of adversity. And believe me, my family has seen adversity: my wife is a City of Chicago firefighter and my three kids all adopted from Ukraine under the most trying of circumstances. Underpinning our life’s work is a desire to make a difference. And I support Chicago Market because I know it will make a difference. How? By offering everyday Chicagoans the freshest and most abundant selection of local foods, and telling the stories of the family-run farms and manufacturers who supply us those foods. By measurably impacting the local economy via our explicit efforts to source locally and encourage local artisan food production. By teaching our customers how they can reduce the toxins in their food and their home and how food and lifestyle change can lead to better health. And by challenging the whole grocery supply chain to make more healthful products ever more available at lower cost. By working together to make a difference, Chicago Market can bring back the joy, surprise, and delight that ought to be at the cornerstone of everyone's weekly grocery shopping experience.

I’d rather use a pressure cooker than a microwave, visit Amish Indiana than Key West, use tea tree oil than Neosporin, read Mother Earth News than the Trib. Our daughter Nina wants to be a farmer, and we couldn’t be prouder.

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