Margaret Glick

Why am I (a habitual non-joiner of things) an owner and adherent of Chicago Market Co-op?  Because I believe this is the most effective way to have a positive impact on the community and create something great for me and my family.  It is clear that what we eat is hugely important to our good health.  People are becoming very attentive to the provenance of their food.  We are creating a grocery store where you can feel confident about the quality, labeling and pricing of your food.  We spend so much money on food - I want to know that I am actually getting the quality food I am paying for AND I want to pay a fair price.  A price that supports true family farmers and local artisans.  A price that allows for store employees to receive a living wage.  A price that supports educational programs for the community.  A price where the profits are coming back to me (and all the other owners) instead of going to a corporation.  This is currently happening in many co-ops around the country.  Why is it not happening on the north side of Chicago?  Because WE haven't done it yet.  Become an owner today - the faster you do that, the faster we'll be shopping together at Chicago Market.

Lover of food and wine. Believer in niceness.

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