November 2021 newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter — November 2021

Build a Better Market — two more weeks

We're excited to share that we have early-stage draft renderings of our store to help you feel it coming to life!

Can't you just hear the crunch of that heirloom apple?
Can't you smell the beautiful flowers as you make your way to join your friends on the stairs?
Can't you taste that toasty baguette from one of our local bakers? 

These renderings are meant to start conversation — we'd love your feedback. You can view all the drawings here and be sure to email us your thoughts. Or stop by one of our upcoming events to view the large prints we have while you stand right there in the field of view of the image. 

YOUR store has so much to offer. But to get all the toasty, crunchy, aromatic goodness happening, your store needs YOU, right now. Invest in that baguette; invest in those flowers; invest in all those heirloom apple varieties and the farmers who grow them. Invest in Chicago Market's Preferred Share program — Build a Better Market — to make it real. 

Time's running out - we'll be taking a break after Thanksgiving to give all our wonderful callers some time off over the holidays so be sure to get your investment finalized in the NEXT TWO WEEKS. Email Candace to get started.

News from Our Business Owners

Metropolis Coffee is offering Owners one dollar off bags of coffee beans. Stop in at 1039 W. Granville or 3057 N. Rockwell and tell them you're a Chicago Market Owner when you check out.
(Valid every day except Thursday)

Herby PoP is offering 10% off on bags of Herby PoP artisan herbed popcorn. Order online and use coupon code cooplove for 10% off. All Co-op Owners and non-Owners
can enjoy the savings.


Chicagoland real estate agent Lindsey Collier offers concierge level service to buyers, sellers, investors and renters. Book a complimentary consultation with Lindsey to discuss an upcoming move or to build a plan to work toward a future purchase.

P6 in Action!
Dill Pickle is offering all Chicago Market Owners a 5% discount to shop in the store until the end of the year. (must show your Owner card) Plus use code DILLPICKLE10 on their Mercato site for 10% off a one-time purchase for delivery. 

Build a Better Market

We own this business together. We operate it. And together, we fund it. 

 You can do it!


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