Owner Drew Roley Wants His Co-op to be Connected to the Community

Uptown Owner Drew Roley, #1507, is a voice in favor of the Co-op being an engaged part of the community. "Concern for Community" is one of the seven cooperative principles we adhere to so we couldn't agree more!

Tell us your full name – as well as who else shares your fridge (i.e., is a part of your household).

Drew Roley

What motivated you to become an Owner of Chicago Market?

There was a great co-op called Bloomingfoods where I went to college in Indiana, so I was excited to hear that a group was trying to open a new community-oriented co-op in Chicago!

What type of work do you do? 

I’m a CPA working as a senior auditor in public accounting

What else is really important to you…and why?

So many things! One that comes to mind when thinking about the mission of the Co-op is sustainability. Everything we do, including eating, has an environmental impact and it’s important that we be conscious of that.

Is there something new you’d like to learn or pursue…either now or someday?

I’d love to learn more about cooking; right now I tend to think cayenne is the answer to everything.

Do you have a favorite food or “signature dish”?

Deep dish is probably my favorite food to eat right now. When cooking myself, I’ve been into making quinoa-based salads recently!

What’s your ‘one wish come true” for Chicago Market? It might be a product for our shelves, a program you’d like to see us offer, a location – you name it!

Considering the diversity of the Uptown neighborhood, I’d like to see Chicago Market engage with community organizations to learn how we could best support the entire neighborhood rather than accidentally become a contributing factor to the ongoing gentrification.

What three words best describe you?

I’d like to think that generous, curious and resourceful are good descriptive words for me.


Editor’s note: Thanks to Drew for stepping up as a volunteer on the Co-op’s Finance team!

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