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Rendering of Chicago_Market in the Gerber Building

We have a lease; now how do we raise money to open our store?

In addition to growing our Owner base and securing bank and TIF funding, a critical co-op fundraising tool is Owner loans, which builds the equity that banks will loan against. One of the benefits of Ownership is the opportunity to invest in your values.

What does that process look like? Contact Owner Loan Campaign team members via email at

[email protected]

to get answers to your questions and details about how to make a loan. 

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  • Nelson Borelli
    Opening date?…When?
    PS what about the pasta making program I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? The MKT should be a fun place too.
  • Rona Pietrzak
    Whoo! Hoo! VERY excited to hear we have an opening date! ONward and upward!!
    Rona Pietrzak
  • Vivian Vergara
  • Cheryl Noel
  • Nelson Borelli
    Make it easier, user’s friendly, the loan process, e.g. “Here is how you make a loan: write a check and mail it to….. Or use your credit card with this form…’”
  • Lee Herman
    Hi Nelson, thanks for the feedback. We’re glad you found the space exciting! We are planning to do some events there, weather permitting.
  • Nelson Borelli
    Jacquie and I visited the site for the first time yesterday as the starting place for the Taste of Uptown: MOST IMPRESIVE, both with sun light and artificial light in the evening. The entrance’s façade, the large windows, the broad side walk, the friendly staff and volunteers: GREAT…let’s us have many parties with live music while waiting for the opening. Nelson.
  • Lee Herman
    Thanks, Sheri! Your support is most appreciated!
  • Sheri Reda
    Beautiful introduction to what we want to do!
  • Lee Herman
    Welcome and thanks for joining, Evan and Brian! Let us know! Volunteer opportunities are listed on the volunteer page (link at the top of this page). Lots of help is needed! – Lee
  • Evan (Snyder) Callan
    We’re super energized and excited about the Co-op! Can’t wait to get more involved! – Evan & Brian
  • Lee Herman
    Thanks, Terry!
  • Terry Edlin
  • Lee Herman
    Hi Terry, please do! And please share the link to your post when it’s up!
    Lee Herman, VP, Chicago Market Board of Directors.
  • Terry Edlin
    May I please use that rendering of the Gerber Building in my blog post about Chicago Market Co-op and the golden age of cooperatives?

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