Owner Profile - Daniel Stein

Tell us your name and who else shares your fridge.

My name is Daniel Stein (Owner #967) and my partner’s name is Milena Ang. Our fridge serves two – plus any friends or loved ones who visit us.

Why are you a Chicago Market Owner?

While frequenting my favorite local café, I saw a small flyer announcing an upcoming info session for the Co-op. I grew up in a conscious family that was a member of the Park Slope Food Co-Op in Brooklyn. So the opportunity to not simply join but help create an institution that would serve the community with an impact beyond my personal reach was one that didn’t need a second thought!

Milena and I are committed to a healthy and just relationship, which we extend to our friends and community. Intentional community is never easy, but it is always enriching. To us, our Co-op community is worth all the forms of our investment.

What type of work do you do? And is there something else you devote time to?

My spouse and I are both teachers. I teach ESL at Truman College (close to the Wilson El station); she teaches political science at the University of Chicago, where she also researches selective prosecution of political corruption.

I am also working on developing a personal training clientele and do private tutoring. On occasion, I work as a visiting anti-bias educator in public schools and participate in the US-El Salvador Sister Cities Organization, Chicago-Cinquera Chapter.

Is there something new you'd like to learn or pursue, either now or someday?

Oh boy, you bet! As a confirmed nerd, I’d love to get a law degree (and a few others!). If I could spend my life as a student, I probably would. Milena is pursuing a book project that will hopefully lead to bigger and better opportunities in academia or otherwise. We are also hoping to have a garden plot alongside Chicago Market’s at Peterson Garden Project’s GrowUptown community garden.

What's your one 'wish come true' that you'd love to see in Chicago Market when it opens?

I’m making two wishes!

A big wish would be to see a café offshoot of the store develop as a workers’ cooperative. A small wish would be to sell bulk, non-detergent laundry soap like I make at home.

Three words that best describe you.

Intellectual. Kind. Determined.

What else is really important to you?

Freedom and justice. We happily live on the right side of history and do our best to support those who fight for better policy. As educators, making sure that future workers and future decision-makers are equipped to make decisions in favor of the majority is an important feature of our work.

p.s. A HUGE shout-out to Daniel for all his volunteer support to Chicago Market! Thanks from the MORE (Marketing, Owner Recruiting and Engagement) committee, the General Manager Search Team -- and for arranging for the Co-op to have a table at Truman College's "Conscientious Food Week"!  

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