September 2022 newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter — September 2022

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

red circle with ruffled edge; text reads 2253 Owners; +14 since last newsletterDuring this year’s Annual Meeting, in addition to the traditional vote for Board member candidates you see each year, we have an additional item which are proposed Bylaw amendments. These proposed amendments were made after months of deliberation, review, revisions, etc. and were unanimously approved by your Board to be brought forward to the Owners for a vote. We strongly encourage a yes vote for the adoption of all amendments.

While we feel most all of the changes are fairly simple, we did also want to take a moment to call your attention to a few which we feel strongly help to solidify Chicago Market and ensure these, and future changes (if any), represent the will of the Owners.

Matthew steps you through these key changes here

The full set of proposed Bylaw amendments you will vote on are here

Voting for all Owners opens after the Annual Meeting and will be conducted via an online voting platform. You will receive an email with voting instructions the evening of September 22. Voting closes September 28. 

Your Co-op On the Travel Channel

photo looking over shoulders of videographer at woman walking down stairs in undeveloped building; text says Coming SoonDid you catch your Co-op on the Travel Channel last week? One of our Owners, Jen Vest (past Board member) and co-founder of Two Door Group, is the host of American Dream on the Travel Channel, and they featured us and Demera restaurant. You can read all about it and follow the link to a streaming platform to view the segment here. Thanks Jen!

Annual Owners Meeting

You have a voice in this business we all own together. One way to exercise it is by participating in our Annual Owners Meeting — September 22 at 7:00pm via Zoom. 

You'll get full status updates, financial updates, and your vote gets counted on items such as Bylaw amendments and elections for your Board of Directors.

RSVP for it here.


Where Does Your Food Come From? — the farmers market can help kids learn about food and food values


News from Our Business Owners

Collective Resource Compost: "It’s back-to-school time for everyone, including many of our compost collection totes. We’re very proud to provide our container-swap composting service to schools in Chicago and all over Chicagoland. If you’d like to start a conversation with the school that you or your children attend, contact our customer service team to get info to share."

Phil Circle Music: "My September update is that Phil Circle Music is now open in Los Angeles. I've opened a teaching studio in Westwood, L.A. up the street from UCLA. Here's your friendly reminder that if you know adults who want private music lessons with professionals, in Chicago or L.A., please refer them to Phil Circle Music. Rated in the Top 12 in Chicago 4 years in a row, and just given the same top rating in L.A.!"

Uncommon Ground: Uncommon Ground is offering any Owner of Chicago Market a "friends & family" 20% discount towards purchases at either uncommon ground - Lakeview or Edgewater. Just download and show them this graphic.

We're not making calls to Owners right now, but you may still reach out to us to invest.

Not up for investing but want to help your Co-op financially?
  • Donate any amount here. (can be tax-deductible and recurring)
  • Level Up your Ownership if you're not already a Cultivating Owner.

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