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The current crisis with Covid-19 has led to the shut down of many restaurants, small stores and food business. In addition, it's led to the total shut down of all farmers markets, at least until the end of April. These farmers and businesses need our help to survive - and we know that plenty of you want access to their great products.

There's no better time to show your support for independent, local businesses! We'll keep updating this resource of farmers, restaurants and other businesses that are delivering or offering pickup so you can shop local. Support these special small businesses and all their employees. They're working hard to meet your needs and prove that a resilient, local foodshed is better for us all.

If you are in need of food, and don't have the means to shop local or shop at all, please know that there are also resources for you! Check out the "Need help with food?" category below for some of the places providing for those with food insecurity in this time of great need for many. And in following our co-op principle of Care for Community, if you are able to purchase food or are financially stable, please consider donating food to one of our local food banks or donating funds to help them keep up with demand.

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