Show Off Your Chops: Chicago's Cooking Party

SHOW off your culinary chops by cooking and eating together! Chicago Market is collaborating with Mealsharing, a group full of creative and talented chefs. The idea is that you're not just bringing food to the potluck--you're COOKING there as well. This is an event for people who love to cook and eat.

How this works: Everyone brings their own ingredients for one dish and then cooks together. Bring containers to take leftovers home!

In addition, there will be swapping of prepackaged foods (like jams, homemade brews, chili etc). If you have a little special something that might be popular with others, you’re welcome to bring it along for the swap. Bring as many of your item as the number of items you’d like to take home. 

What to Bring:  Bring the ingredients necessary to make enough for everyone to try a portion of your dish. Also, bring prepackaged foods to swap, if that you want to participate in that as well. It doesn't matter what you bring! Salads, chilis, fresh bread, roasted chicken, tacos, dumplings--we're ready to be impressed!

Please Note: We are participating in this event with Mealsharing, and tickets are available through them. Chicago Market participants need to open an account [FREE] with Mealsharing in order to register. Use the code "firsttime" when you register. Register here.

February 21, 2015 at 5:30pm - 10pm
Chicago, IL
United States
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