'Tis the Season for Holiday Cookie Decorating!

Bridget Williams, of Bridget's Northwoods Bakery, joined us this week for an online workshop all about decorating holiday cookies. We started with learning how to achieve perfect consistency with our icing, then moved on to flooding techniques and several other tips and tricks to decorate with confidence!

We also got to learn a little about Bridget's experience in the Wisconsin cottage baking industry. Following a recent court ruling, home bakers and local creators can now sell various types of baked goods directly to customers. You can learn more about cottage baking from the Wisconsin Farmers UnionĀ here.

If you missed the workshop, or want to watch it again, check out the video link below from Chicago Market's YouTube channel, where you can also find all of our previous online workshops too. You canĀ click here for the list of ingredients and kitchen tools to have on hand to follow along with the video if you'd like!

Thanks Bridget!

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