Two More Owners Make Loans!

Chicago Market is thrilled to thank two more Owners who have made Owner Loans!

Check it out!

“Super excited that I had an opportunity to invest in my backyard towards a mission and Co-op that I truly believe in. Can’t wait for Chicago Market to be a reality so soon!   
Ankit Mehta, Owner #786

"I was happy to lend money to Chicago Market. I want to see Chicago Market succeed. 

"I want to ride my bike to a grocery store that is owned by my neighbors, not by billionaires. I want a permanent farmer’s market indoors; I want to buy peaches grown by Michigan farmers and chickens raised by Amish in Indiana and flour ground fresh a few days ago. I want to support a store that is a part of my community, that provides good food and good jobs for people in the neighborhood, that makes friends with farmers and cooks and pastry chefs and brewers who provide that food, that listens to the people who shop in the store every day. 

"April 2020. I will be there, with a few cloth bags to bring home my first groceries from Chicago Market."  
Mark Dawson, Owner #630

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