Update: Our Project's Timeline

We have a nifty new tool to share information with you about your Co-op's progress!

We want you to have access to more detail about the many steps involved to get our Co-op open. 

So we created a Timeline graphic on our website that shows our Project's many Phases. Take a look. You'll see that getting from Bold New Idea to Open Store is a LOT of work and YOU are making it possible. You can see we've completed SO many Phases and steps together in the process. 

And now you can also see what steps lie ahead, how some of them lead to others—which future Updates will talk more about—and approximately how long things take. 

Have a look and be sure to pat yourself on the back for ALL you've accomplished thus far!

We'll update the Timeline regularly and you can always find your way to it from the Timeline section of our About page on the websiteor in our FAQs.

(click to see the full Timeline)


Tips for viewing the Timeline graphic:

 Though the Phases represented by each scalloped circle generally happen in order, some of the tasks can sometimes be happening in parallel. For example: construction can't happen financially before we close on our bank and TIF funding, but we do have enough capital to move forward other things like floor plan design and basement remediation.

 Check marks show tasks are completed.

 White segments of the Phase circles show approximate percent of that Phase which is not yet complete.

We have an ongoing series of short videos that update you on our latest progress, so be sure to watch them all here:

Updates on YouTube


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