Weekly Update, 1/11-1/17


Here's a quick update on what our Chicago Market teams have been doing this past week:

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Year in Review

Site Selection started narrowing its list of preferred architects and solicited one construction firm to submit a proposal to inspect candidate sites.

Architecture attended a Dill Pickle co-op open house to check on their expansion projects.

GLRP (our grocery logistics and procurement team) is starting a list of 2016 goals.

Events booked a space for our next co-op pop-up event (details coming soon).

Team members confirmed a date for our Businesses as Owners Happy Hour event (Feb. 1 at Cantina 1910).

Owner Recruitment is working on a strategy to grow Chicago Market ownership through area schools.

Board members talked with the consultant who's helping us refine our pro forma financial statements.

A team is working to update our website to help us recruit more Owners, while providing more value for existing Owners (including a section on volunteer opportunities).

Organizational team members trained two new Board members and added several new volunteers.

Board members talked with the Funding Director to asses his progress during the most-recent term and set objectives for the next term.

Content planned stories for the next newsletter and met with Marketing and Owner Engagement-Recruiting teams to plan our upcoming communications strategy.




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