What's Your Blueprint?


It's an amazing time to be part of the Chicago Market community. 

We are thisclose to selecting a site, and now the real fun begins: Designing your dream grocery store. 

You deserve a big, bright, beautiful non-cookie cutter grocery store. And we need to hire the architects and designers to make that happen. But that takes dollars. 

Today we launch the #whatsyourblueprint? campaign, a drive to get 50 new Chicago Market Owners by June 1. Those 50 new Owners will fund the beginning of our all-important architect and design needs. 

Says Site Selection team member Dan Miller (himself an architect):

"Good store design will provide us with a delightful place to shop and commune. The design process will help us express our vision and ideals to create a unique environment that reflects who we are as a community."

We need 50 new Owners by June 1. But we also need your ideas. That's the very heart of the #whatsyourblueprint? campaign. Close your eyes. Envision your Chicago Market. What do you see? Tell us your dreams for your community co-op with an email to [email protected] or a comment on this post, and we'll pass them along to our designers and architects. 

Or, stop by and see us at our two pop-up markets next month and share your #whatsyourblueprint? ideas with us. 

Nearly 800 of you -- your friends and neighbors and co-workers -- have become Chicago Market Owners. We are so excited to be on this journey with you. Now, with our major site-selection milestone coming up, we hope you'll help us reach our goal of 50 new Owners by June 1. 

So ... #whatsyourblueprint?

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