A Dozen Reasons to Become an Owner of Chicago Market!

Chicago Market currently has more than 1375 Owners...which puts us 625 shy of the minimum number of Owners we need by December 31 to secure funding to continue design and construction of the Gerber building.

That's a lot of people. In fact, it breaks down to the Co-op needing to ink more than 6 Owners each and every day.

So...is there a single, convincing argument for WHY we believe becoming an Owner of Chicago Market is one of the most important decisions you'll make this year? Actually, No. In fact, there's almost as many reasons for buying into the Co-op as there are current Owners!

If you're searching for just the right reason to become an Owner, relax! Take a look at some of the ideas that have prompted your fellow Chicagoans to become a part of the Chicago Market community and see if you can see yourself among us.... 

1.  Some people hew closely to the preference for knowing exactly where they food is sourced and how it is processed, so our promised transparency about the Co-op's future products is key.

2.  More than a few Owners want to be part of an alternative to big-box health food stores that are increasingly filling their shelves with uninspired brand extensions and wasteful, single-use consumables.

3.  Some Owners say the most compelling part of Chicago Market is becoming part of our community, and they appreciate how the Co-op has expanded their world (and worldview) through volunteering and attending Co-op events. 

4.  A number of small business owners and/or nonprofits have become "Business Owners" of Chicago Market because they see how aligning with the Market can benefit both entities in tangible and intangible ways. 

5.  Many Owners, fueled by environmental concerns, appreciate Chicago Market’s commitment to stocking items with a minimum of packaging / waste, as well as our aspirations for both sustainable construction and zero-waste operations.

6.  Some Owners simply have fond memories of their college co-op and immediately loved the idea of being a part of one in Chicago.

7.  Our Uptown-resident Owners are thrilled at the prospect of having a superb grocery store, community hub and community partner and employer all-in-one within their neighborhood.

8.  Many people appreciate that although we are member-owned, we will be open to everyone who wants to shop with us.

9.  Then there are Owners who became a part of our Co-op on philosophical and political grounds, knowing that we will be a democratically owned and operated grocer devoted to a triple bottom line -- People, Planet, Profit -- rather than quarterly earnings for shareholders.

10.  Some Owners say they joined because of "all of the above" or "some of the above."

11.  Thankfully, there are a subset of Owners who say they were moved to sign up as soon as they heard that if we don’t get to 2000 Owners by the end of the year…we may not get our Co-op after all.


As you can see, you can become an Owner for any of these reasons -- or one unique just to you. The important thing is simply to join us (preferably without delay!).


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