You'll Never Guess Where This New Owner's Girlfriend Works!

Chicago Market Owner #1485 Tim Magner just happens to share his fridge with another coop-enthusiast - his girlfriend Tatum O'Neal works at the Dill Pickle. Let's learn more about what makes him tick...






What motivated you to become an Owner of Chicago Market?

I believe in the power of local food systems to solve problems and Chicago Market has the chance to make a significant impact.

What type of work do you do?

I help run Nature’s Farm Camp. It’s an overnight summer camp for kids ages 8-15 at Angelic Organics Learning Center.

I’m also a board member of The Illinois Stewardship Alliance, the organization in Illinois that works for eaters by building local food systems and supporting regenerative agriculture. Working with and for farmers is great, but the policy part is also really important.

What else is really important to you…and why?

Food is a huge part of my life because I love to eat, and I see it as a lever to affect change. I care about climate change, environmental destruction, poverty, healthcare, quality of life and community -- and the food system plays an enormous role in all of them. Food helps us see these topics aren’t separate issues and how everything’s connected.

Is there something new you’d like to learn or pursue…either now or someday?

I’d like to be able to sing and play the guitar, mostly so I could entertain around campfires.

Do you have a favorite food or “signature dish”?

It may sound crazy, but I love eating anything I know is supporting a farmer trying to do the right thing. I don’t eat much meat, but when I do it’s from Mint Creek or Cedar Valley. I don’t eat much bread, but when I do it’s from Baker Miller or Hewn.

What’s your ‘one wish come true” for Chicago Market? It might be a product for our shelves, a program you’d like to see us offer, a location – you name it!

I'd like to see Chicago Market become a force for good and a vibrant community, so that when we shop we know we are supporting our values (solving climate change, building a resilient community), but also a place where we see, talk and meet with friends who also care about making a positive difference.

What three words best describe you.

Active. Reflective. Hungry.

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