Online Workshop: Using Autumn Veggies with Charles Dabah

Looking for some inspiring recipes and meal prep ideas using fabulous autumn vegetables? Join us for an online workshop featuring Charles Dabah, a personal chef and owner of The Levantine Kitchen! During this interactive session, Charles will show us some unique and educational recipes using veggies you're likely to find at some of the late season farmers' markets and local produce stores.

We'll be making spicy white bean stew and butternut squash fries with pomegranate molasses yogurt sauce. Yum! Please click here for a downloadable list of ingredients and kitchen tools to have on hand, along with some suggested shopping spots. Just want to watch and cook later? That's cool too!

This online session is free to attend, but your $10 suggested donation helps further the mission of local businesses, The Levantine Kitchen and Chicago Market. After you click "Send RSVP" below, an optional donation page will appear right below the confirmation text if you'd like to support us!

RSVP below and let's get cooking!

Our presenter, Charles Dabah Owner #1185, owns The Levantine Kitchen, offering catering and personal chef services. Charles celebrates the foods and flavors that have emerged after generations of food sharing across Middle Eastern, Asian, and European cultures. More personally, it is a culmination of years of joy, history, and food that came out of his family’s kitchen, tracing all the way back to when he was a kid and watched his mom and grandma prepare his favorite Syrian dishes or bake his favorite desserts. They taught him how to find joy in cooking, to be proud of his culinary traditions, and how food could be used as a tool to bring people together.

November 05, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Zoom (link will be sent in advance to attendees)
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