Chicago Market Progress Updates

Wondering what the latest updates are? What the Co-op volunteer teams are working on? 

* The Engagement Team is working on a food and beer pairing event - stay tuned for that announcement!

* The Board held officer elections recently and the results are: Grant Kessler, president; Lee Herman, vice-president, Edward      Collins-Fanner, treasurer, Emily Crespo, secretary.

* Board members Lee and Jen are presenting to other start-up co-ops on our use of digital tools NationBuilder and Basecamp at this week's Up and Coming, Up and Running co-op conference. That's P6 in action! (Read about P6 and the other cooperative principles here.)

The Owner recruiting team continues its monthly Ownership Info Sessions. Here is the link to our next one in April. 

The GM Team is writing job qualifications.

The Owner Loan Campaign Team is prepping marketing materials.

Our Zero Waste Team participated at the Shedd the Straw event with the Shedd Aquarium and the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce.

The Board is writing Policy Governance documents and negotiating to secure co-op industry consultant support.

The Website Team is working to build Web 2.0 which will allow for better navigation.

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