Cooking with Hazzard Free Farm

Andy Hazzard of Hazzard Free Farm joined us and our community for an online workshop last week demonstrating recipes from the Hazzard Free Grain Sampler Box recently sold in partnership with Chicago Market!

We had a great time learning about how Andy produces her grains, hearing about how she got into farming, and following along with the "worldwide premiere" of Andy's cornbread and crisp recipe videos. If you missed the workshop, or want to watch the recipe videos, check out the links below from Chicago Market's YouTube channel, which also includes all of our previous online workshops. Enjoy!

Cornbread Recipe: Preheat oven to 450. Ingredients - fine cornmeal (1.5 cups); coarse cornmeal (.5 cup); brown or white sugar (.5 cup); baking soda (1 tsp); baking powder (.5 tsp); salt (.5 tsp); eggs (1); milk or buttermilk (1 cup); olive oil or corn oil (.25 cups); 8x8 pan or 9” oven proof skillet; measuring cups and spoons, large bowl, whisk, spatula. Lower oven to 350 when cornbread goes in; bake for ~25 minutes.

Crisp Recipe: Ingredients - oats (2 cups); flour (1 cup); sugar (.5 cup); salt (.5 tsp); cinnamon or all spice (1-2 tsp); butter (1 stick); apples with skin on or other fruit (4 cups); 8x8 or 9x12 pan or 8”/9” oven proof skillet. Heat oven to 350; bake for ~35 minutes.

Bonus video! Whole Grain Medley Demo:

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