Feasibility Update - October 25, 2020

We're committed to keeping you updated even when progress is kind of behind-the-scenes.

Here's the video version:

or, read all about it:

We are hard at work moving five really important things forward right now:

  CTA negotiations are ongoing, positive and we're working with our design team right now to get some further info back to the CTA.

  Our Capital Campaign team is prepping the launch of our Back Your Co-op Pledge Campaign - a chance for everyone in the community to pledge a loan or donation that will help the Board make our final decision about the Gerber building. We need to do this together and need to know you're IN!

  Our TIF team has made outreach to the city's planning department to confirm our needs and is prepping our application.

  Three of our Board members are making outreach to lending institutions to share our new plan and financials.

  Our general manager search team is networking and beginning the interviews that will lead to our GM hire.

On top of all that, our To Market, To Market team is delivering on Chicago Market's Values of joy and deliciousness with our next Virtual Pop-Up Market - Apple-ween, featuring apples and cider from Seedling Fruit. Order here!

Our Events team will be sharing news shortly with you on our mini Thanksgiving Pop-Up Market and has an exciting Online Workshop coming up November 5: Using Autumn Veggies with Charles Dabah, featuring fabulous fall recipes for spicy white bean stew and butternut squash fries!

It's an exciting time in Chicago Market's development!

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