Introducing Our Partnership With Hazzard Free Farm

As seen in the Chicago Market newsletter this past Tuesday, the To Market, To Market team is excited to introduce you to Andrea (Andy) Hazzard and Hazzard Free Farm. Andy has curated two boxes especially for the Chicago Market community – and we are thrilled to be bringing her amazing local grains and products to you!
Andy Hazzard of Hazzard Free Farm
Before we talk details about what we will be offering, let us tell you a little bit about Andy and her farm. Hazzard Free Farm is located in Pecatonica, IL (NW of Rockford). Andy started Hazzard Free Farm in 2007 as a means of taking on her worldly concerns in a personal way. She was frustrated with her role in the demise of the environment and described it as “an out of tune song” where her work and actions were out of line with her beliefs. Since starting this endeavor, she has focused on sustainable farming, education and seed saving to ensure that these heirloom and ancient grains can continue to be available for your table.

After speaking with Andy, her enthusiasm and passion for what she’s producing is abundantly clear (and easily contagious). Andy wants everyone to know what it’s like to be able to fill your table with products that were harvested only days ago, milled by hand and cared for by only a handful of people - from a single seed in the ground to your plate. We were lucky enough to have sampled some of Andy’s products and the freshness and specialness of these grains are obvious as soon as you open the bags. The oats are nutty and toasty, the cornmeal sweet and savory. Andy has also been gracious enough to introduce us to several partners who we will also be showcasing in a Partner Sampler that will also be for sale! Be on the lookout for more details on these partners in coming weeks. Here’s Andy speaking about our coming together: 

About the Grains
All Hazzard Free Grains are all grown, harvested, dried, cleaned, milled and rolled on-site at Hazzard Free Farm. They only use ancient, open-pollinated or heirloom varieties. They do not use GMO seeds ever – and chemical pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides are never used.

Because of the freshness and lack of processing of these grains, they are more perishable than their mass-produced counterparts. Andy recommends freezing the grains to ensure their longevity.

Sampler Boxes On Sale NOW!
Andy has curated two sampler boxes specifically for Chicago Market with products from Hazzard Free Farm, as well as specially chosen items from her farmer friends. The first grain sampler highlights a variety of grains from her farm. Each bag comes with a recipe and/or instructions for use.

Sampler boxes are on sale NOW through Chicago Market. Order now as supplies will be limited for this introductory offer. Orders will be shipped to the Gerber building during the first week of October (date to be finalized) for pick up or delivery, (delivery will be on a first come/first served basis on availability of volunteers). All delivery details will be communicated before the end of September. 

Hazzard Free Grain Sampler
  •   Soft Red Winter Wheat Traditional Grind (3 lb 12 oz) - Our all-purpose flour.
  •   Rolled Oats (2 lb 11 oz) - Raw rolled oats - freshly rolled and delicious!
  •   Fine Cornmeal (13 oz) - From golden heirloom corn in a classic sift for use in all your cornmeal based recipes. 
  •   Coarse Cornmeal (13 oz) - For fine polenta or grits.  Made from heirloom corn stone ground and sifted to perfection.
  •   Popcorn (16 oz) - Traditional yellow popcorn lovingly grown and harvested.
  •   Whole Grain Medley (16 oz) - Mix of heirloom wheat, oats and purple barley.
Partner Sampler (a taste of things to come)
  •    Gretta’s Goat Caramels
  •    Pecatonica River Honey
  •    Wind Ridge Farm Lemon Ginger Tea
  •    Hazzard Free Farm Cornbread Mix

(All prices include tax and shipping to Chicago Market)

And keep an eye on our Facebook page for more from Andy including recipes, recommendations and more about her farm and partners!

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