Meet the Candidates Event Recap

Earlier this week, our contingent of board of director candidates gathered for an online Q&A session moderated by past Board member Jen Vest. Here are some of the questions the candidates answered during the wide-ranging 2 hour session:

~What do you think is one of the most important things about working collaboratively on a large project?

~What do you think are some of Chicago Market’s most pressing challenges, and how can you help lean in to them?

~How can Chicago Market best reflect the Uptown and Chicago community -- in its leadership, management, staff and store? What actions need to be taken?

~What skills or experiences in other leadership roles, working boards, or mission-oriented groups qualify you to lead and act on behalf of Chicago Market Owners?

~What excites you most about Chicago Market, the co-op community, and/or being an elected leader for our Ownership?

Each of the candidates also offered opening and closing statements. If you missed the event or would like to review it, please click here for an audio and slideshow recording (a Zoom glitch prevented us from capturing speaker videos, unfortunately!). You can also review previously submitted written statements from the candidates here.

Owners are encouraged to join our Annual Meeting on Aug. 30 to learn more about the voting process, which will be conducted online and will begin immediately after the Annual Meeting and will be open for one week. Owners will also receive an email from Chicago Market explaining the voting process.

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