October 2022 Newsletter

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Owners Approve New Principles for Chicago Market

Chicago Market has always held the internationally recognized Seven Cooperative Principles as guides, and we've committed to following them in our Bylaws and Policy Governance documents.

But we know we can hold ourselves accountable to more, so it's exciting that our Owners have also now approved the Board's recommendation to add six additional principles to guide us in our work:

8  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
9  Concern for Ecosystems
10 Concern for Workers
11 Skilled Cooperative Management
12 Strategic Leadership
13 Innovative Culture

As our GM Dan notes:

"Chicago Market is doing exactly what was hoped for when the international principles were updated in 1995 to the seven we commonly see — we are adapting them to our time and place while embracing the wisdom passed on to us. Our 13 principles are well suited to help guide us to reach our collective potential and endure as a cooperative resource for generations."

These are now a part of our Bylaws, which ensures they're part of all we do.

To read more about what each means for us, click here.

Welcome New Director — Howie Bollinger

Please welcome your new director, Howie Bollinger. to the Board. We're excited to have a new voice and new energy on our Board. Orientation is under way and you'll see him in tonight's October Board meeting

photo at farmers market of someone helping a person fit a bike helmetBlog

Building Community Connections Through Food — farmers markets are hubs for community connections between neighbors, businesses, nonprofits, and even musicians

News from Our Business Owners

photo at farmers market of woman from Collective Resources Compost showing composting buckets to a customerCollective Resource Compost: "As the farmers market season winds down, we’d like to thank Chicago Market for sponsoring the Uptown Farmers Market. We’ve appreciated the opportunity to be able to chat one-on-one with so many people and help them solve their composting challenges. As we head into Halloween season, we’d like to make you aware of the closest Pumpkin Smash, a.k.a. a way to compost your pumpkins to recover both their nutrients and water. Edgewater Environmental Coalition is sponsoring one. Details are here on their website."

We're not making calls to Owners right now, but you may still reach out to us to invest.

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Not up for investing but want to help your Co-op financially?
  • Donate any amount here. (can be tax-deductible and recurring)
  • Level Up your Ownership if you're not already a Cultivating Owner.

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