September 2018 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter - September 2018

Up & Under Fest is coming in just 4 days!

Chicago Market, Uptown United and Wilson Underline are uniting to debut the Wilson Underline - Uptown's spanking new community space for art, events and community connection at the Up & Under Fest

On September 15 from 2-6pm -- more than 40 unique farmers and local artisans will pitch their tents to sell their well-tended wares and edibles. PLUS all this:

  • Live music, from bands Tamarie T. and the Elektra Kumpany and Doum Sound
  • Kid-friendly activities
  • Outreach by community organizations
  • New Chicago Market Owner Raffles
  • Wellness activities
  • Tours of the Gerber Building - future home of Chicago Market!

Bring yourselves. Your friends. Your families. Your neighbors. Passersby! It promises to be one of the most fun things you'll do this September!


Chicago Market is hiring! 

If you posses organizational, community outreach, and coordination chops (fundraising experience a huge plus!), our contracted position for a Campaign Coordinator may be just what you're looking for.

This uniquely qualified contractor works with our Owner Loan team and the Board to administer our Owner Loan Campaign, an investment program to help fund the build-out of our community Co-op!

See the description for all the details and apply online!

May the best candidate get the post!


Owner Corner 

Spread the Word
At our Annual Meeting on August 4, an Owner asked us to share some of the most effective ways to talk to friends and others about the benefits of being an Owner of Chicago Market. Each month, we'll feature a pro tip right here in the Owner Corner. If you happen upon an effective approach, be sure to share it with us by emailing and we'll share it!

Pro Tip #2 - Be ready to answer and address any questions or concerns the folks you talk to about the Market might ask or share with you.

Not sure how to state what we’re doing, how to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, or how to address some concerns those you talk to might raise? No worries! We’ve got some great resources for you. Read the content in these areas of our website, and you’ll be a pro at talking about our Co-op in no time!
Owner Loan Campaign Update
Our Owner Loan Campaign kicks off October 1st in the form of a 6-week calling campaign. In preparation, Owners will be receiving a prospectus packet in the mail mid-September and a series of OLC Info Sessions take place shortly thereafter to answer any questions. Read all about the campaign here and make sure you have a profile set up on the Chicago Market website to access the Owner-only site with additional OLC resources - just click the Login or Profile button on the website to set up or confirm.

Upcoming Events

  • Up & Under Fest – Saturday, September 15th, 2-6pm. RSVP here.

  • Bring someone to our Ownership Info Session, 2pm Sept 29 at Uptown Branch Library (929 W. Buena). RSVP here.

  • Monthly Market Mixer6-8pm, Oct 1 at Fat Cat (4840 N. Broadway). Let's help build our community together. Bring your buddies (Owners and non-Owners) and hear from our buddies (business partners) on why they stand with Chicago Market. RSVP here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Up & Under Fest needs hands
Twenty-five. That's how many Chicago Market volunteers are still needed to ensure that this Saturday's Up & Under Fest is a rousing success!  

If you can help -- sign up now! It doesn't matter if you're an Owner or not. Nor do you need any previous Chicago Market volunteer experience to lend a hand. If you can take direction and smile - you're qualified! 

And we'll be offering an orientation get-together this Thursday at Nick's. Once you're signed up, you'll get an invitation with the details.

Anyone is welcome to help out...and we need all hands on deck. 

Owner Loan Campaign help needed
Our Owner Loan campaign team will need volunteers for six weeks starting October 1 and they'll be kicking off with volunteer training on the September 26th. Email our volunteer coordinator to learn more. 

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