September 2020 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter - September 2020

Meet the To Market, To Market Team

As you know, every part of Chicago Market relies on the Owners, volunteers, business partners and farmers and local food producers to get to the next level. While our number one focus is, and will remain, on getting the store open, one of our volunteer teams (affectionately known as To Market, To Market (TMTM for short)) has been speaking with farmers and producers to find out what we can do to action things even before our doors open. In the coming weeks we will have the first of the products available for order but first wanted to give you a quick (re)introduction to the TMTM team. Click here to read more.


Board Elections & Bylaw Amendments

Thank you to all Owners who voted in our elections. We are reaching out to those elected to confirm and will announce the results soon. 


All Are Welcome

One of the components of the Firebrand assessment we're most excited about is their support for every grocery budget within our community. The Board has been working to craft and recently approved a new low-cost Ownership level that we'll be making available soon. The All Are Welcome Ownership level begins with a $12.50 payment and proceeds on a quarterly payment plan. Open to anyone self-declaring on fixed or limited incomes, this level grants full rights and responsibilities to Owners in good standing as of their first payment, allowing them to vote, run for the Board, receive Owner discounts and more. We hope the All Are Welcome level will welcome more voices into our Owner community.



Did you know you can connect with your fellow Owners in our private Owner Facebook Group? It's a great place to share food news, ask for shopping tips, or tell others about great opportunities to be supportive in our community. Maybe you can help Malcolm find local honeycomb? And the Board uses the Group also to alert you to Owner news you need to know. If you're not a member already, be sure to go submit a request to join


News from our Business Owners

Collective Resource Compost founder/owner Erlene Howard has recently joined the board of Illinois Food Scrap Coalition, an organization that Collective Resource Compost has been members of since its inception in 2012. She has chosen to do her committee work on the Environmental Justice Committee, in part so that they can further educate their composting community on ways that we all can improve the health and well-being of the Black and brown communities in our state.



Upcoming Events 


How Can You Support Your Co-op Now?

While the Board continues to work with the CTA and our consultants on the operational side of things, Owners can help with the Funding and Organizational side by Leveling Up your Ownership to the Cultivating level; donating or pledging a loan; volunteering or considering a Board position; and by sharing your enthusiasm for your Co-op with your friends and on social media.

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