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The best way for us to demonstrate community support to the CTA, the Alderman, and the Mayor is to tell our story about why we believe in bringing our community food co-op to the Wilson CTA.
Do you want to support the local economy? Shop healthy and affordable local food for you and your family?  Produce well-paying jobs with benefits in our neighborhood?  Get Owner returns and savings in store?  Support farmers and local producers by providing a large distribution destination? 
Share your story below, and tell us why a local food co-op is important to you.

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  • Brian Osborne
    If 100% of the population ate only locally sourced food, this world would be much much better off, for so many different reasons. Movements such as these are a step in that direction.
  • Julia San Fratello
    Uptown is a treasure trove of fabulous historic architecture. Redevelopment which takes advantage of this fact while promoting inclusiveness and fresh food will stegthen us and provide an appealing destination for those who have yet to discover Uptown. Maybe bring in vendors from Chicago organic garden non-profits.
  • Travis Taylor
    I support local business, local markets and farms, and want them in my community.
  • Nicholas Foley
  • silvia saucedo
    I support Chicago Market as its food community-centered focus, and its mission of the accessibility of local, sustainable food resonate strongly with me. Additionally, I understand that money is power so why not harness our power for the greater good of our communities instead of for faceless corporations? Chicago Market provides the opportunity for us to do so.
  • Jen Vest
  • Nora Handler
    I believe in local food.
  • Melinda Deamon
    My story is simple. I come from a family of teachers and farmers. I know what fresh food tastes like and it tastes so much better than food that has traveled miles to get to my plate. You cannot re-produced that fresh from the farm taste…no matter what you do.

    I also want my food to be seasonal, organic and from my local community. Science is showing every day how important it is to eat seasonally and from your local area to boost your immune system and optimize your health. Why not do it if you can? And why not support your local farmers who want to feed you? That’s why they do what they do. And, that’s why we, the community, should support them.

    And, finally, on a personal note, I would love to work for a company who is doing everything they can to bring this kind of business to the community. We need each other and need to support each other. Together we can make this happen!
  • Sheri Reda
    Increasingly commodified, food often falls prey to fashion. But people are better served by groceries that are about healthful foods and markets that are sources of community. I look forward to Chicago market performing those functions.
  • Cecilia Diaz
    I’m a fan of Coops! Visited too many of them across the country so let have Chicago get one too. It’s local, empowering and community driven.
  • Michelle DeTolla
    I invested in Uptown by buying a condo and I want this neighborhood to have locally sourced, good food options that other neighborhoods benefit from. Being in an area where not everyone has a car (including me), the fact that this could be by a train station makes it even more impactful for this community!
  • Anne Jentry
  • Bob Joynt
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  • Bob Joynt
    Brining affordable foods from known and sustainable sources to the Uptown, Edgewater area helps set the tone for a revitalization of the area while not displacing current residents. By the very nature of structure of and make up of the Chicago Market, the organization is a “hands on” group that will interact with the people who live in the area and provide opportunities, not only for afforadable food but also employment. The market will bring new people and interest to the area to shop.
  • Tim Magner
    Local food builds networks and communities. It distributes power. Distributed power enables democracy to happen. #supportlocalfood
  • Art Jackson
  • Axel Erkenswick
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  • Axel Erkenswick
    Sign this petition to support a co-op grocery store at the Wilson Red Line CTA station!! It would be so ready to have a co-op in Uptown!
  • Lindsay Hall

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