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SHORT STORYWe are excited that we've taken the next big milestone step in the process related to the Chicago Recovery Program (CRP) Grant we've received this summer!
We often explain that one of the strengths of a co-op is that Owners have a voice in our store. Today we have an exciting example of that to share.
Chicago Market has always held the internationally recognized Seven Cooperative Principles as guides and we've committed to following them in our Bylaws and Policy Governance documents.But we know we can hold ourselves accountable to more, so it's exciting that at the Board's recommendation, our Owners have now also approved and added six...

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  • Amy Browne
  • Kim Brix
  • Trevor Hateley
  • Karen Jacobs
    Chicago Market is growing every day!
  • Cassandra Carraway
    Amazing results happen when a community unites.

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