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All the candidates for the Board of Directors were asked a series of questions to help the Owners of Chicago Market make an informed decision. Here are their responses:
Bringing Dan Arnett, our general manager, onboard this spring is an exciting step forward for your Co-op. So how does the Board manage and guide him and make sure he opens the grocery store we, the Owners, have all been dreaming of?
Hello, Cooperators! Chicago Market commissioned a new market study recently by G2G – a firm that largely specializes in food co-op market analysis. While we have had two other studies in the past, the market is always evolving, as are our plans and opportunities. We also need to have fresh...

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  • Kim Brix
  • Trevor Hateley
  • Karen Jacobs
    Chicago Market is growing every day!
  • Cassandra Carraway
    Amazing results happen when a community unites.

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