Thanksgiving Pop-Up Market

Thinking about Thanksgiving? Think Chicago Market! Head on over to our Thanksgiving Pop-Up Market page to place your orders with the vendors. Then join us for a "pop-up, pick-up" event on Sunday, Nov. 22 from 1:00pm-3:00pm!

Each of the farmers and producers participating in our Thanksgiving Market has a unique story that ties into our values of local, sustainable, and yours. Let's learn a little more about them!

Mint Creek Farm was founded in 1992 and continues as a family-owned, organic-pasture based livestock and poultry farm in Stelle, IL. One of the really cool things about Mint Creek is that their turkeys forage on pasture in a rotational grazing system where the birds are moved to a fresh pasture every few days. The turkeys also receive a nutrient-dense feed that is very carefully sourced and mixed in small batches on site at the farm. This year, try a Mint Creek turkey for Thanksgiving and taste the difference!

Sauce and Bread Kitchen in Rogers Park does house made everything from Chef Anne Kostroski’s pastry and bread to the Sauce Boss, Mike Bancroft’s fermented foods and charcuterie. SBK celebrates Midwestern purveyors with every bite and takes pride in sharing the stories of these relationships. Anne of SBK is offering a special pecan pie for our Thanksgiving Market using pecans from Three Sisters Garden in Kankakee, IL. Yum!

Seedling Fruit of South Haven, MI is a familiar presence at Chicago Market pop-ups and recently joined us for an Apple-ween partnership (read more about Seedling's Peter Klein and the Apple-ween effort here!). Seedling's fresh apple cider will be a hit at your Thanksgiving festivities. Serve it hot or cold, on its own or mix it up with mulling spices or your favorite apple cocktail ingredients.

City Grange believes in United We Blosson, and its mission is to remove every barrier to our gardening success. Located near Lincoln Square, with a second location in the Beverly Park neighborhood, City Grange also offers full service landscaping, container design, and interior plantscaping for homes or offices. Owner LaManda Joy partnered with one of her floral designers to create a fabulous fall centerpiece for your Thanksgiving tables. Check it out!

Order now through our Thanksgiving Pop-Up Market page and don't forget to RSVP to get your items at our pick-up event on Nov. 22!

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