Weekly Update, 1/18-1/24


Here's a quick update on what our Chicago Market teams have been doing this past week:

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Year in Review

Our Grocery Logistics and Retail Procurement (GLRP) team leader wrote an email to our mailing list about our Purchasing Values. It yielded four new Owners that day.

The Funding Team now consists of six volunteers, who are working hard to secure funds for Chicago Market.

Our Events Team booked the Swedish-American Museum to host our next Co-op Pop-Up, scheduled for March 5 (more information coming soon).

The Site Selection team saw four possible sites and is organizing references from prospective architects.

The Management Team met with the Funding Director to discuss past progress and make goals for spring and summer.

Marketing and Communications is working on developing and editing marketing materials and messaging for our next phases of ownership and funding. 

The head of Owner Recruitment contacted all Owners who signed up during our recent campaign to make sure they receive their incentive prizes (many of them are donating to Care for Real). She also reached out to 75 business owners to invite them to our upcoming Businesses as Owners Happy Hour event. She is continuing discussions with several elementary schools in our trade area to spread the word about Chicago Market in those communities. 

The volunteer-outreach group is working on a new Volunteer Opportunities section for our revamped website so people can connect more easily with Chicago Market. 

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