August 2018 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter - August 2018

Voting Results

Board elections every year are a chance for us to celebrate that Chicago Market is a very different business model. We're a democratically controlled co-op, which means your fellow Owners are stepping up to be Board directors. Thank you all for voting and please welcome your new and returning Board members: (l to r) Edward Collins-Fanner, Kristin Hettich, Kelly Hewitt, Sofia Jouravel, Grant Kessler, Patricia Messing, Dan Miller, Joel Morales, JM Rotello. Read more about each here.

Thank you also for ratifying the Board's three Bylaw amendments. 

Owner Corner

At our Annual Meeting on August 4, an Owner asked us to share some of the most effective ways to talk to friends and others about the benefits of being an Owner of Chicago Market. Each month, we'll feature a pro tip right here in the Owner Corner. If you happen upon an effective approach, be sure to share it with us by emailing and we'll share it!

Pro Tip #1 Understand basic co-op definitions so you can talk about the advantages of the co-op business model:

(kōˈäp(ə)rədiv), noun.

1. a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled business formed and operated for the benefit of those using it.

2. an organization which adheres to a set of seven cooperative principles that guide how the business is run and how decisions are made.

3. the business model for Chicago Market: A Community Co-op.

informal: co-op; see also “food co-op”


Owner Loan Campaign

Our Owner Loan Campaign (OLC) will be essential to the growth of our Co-op. You will receive more information in the mail come September. Can't wait until then? Feel free to reach out to Sofia to talk about a loan now.

Upcoming Events

  • Introduce a friend to us; bring them to our Ownership Info Session, 7pm Aug 20 at Fat Cat (4840 N. Broadway). RSVP here.
  • My Buddy’s Mixer - So Nice, We're Doing It Twice!6-8pm, Aug 29 at My Buddy's (4416 N. Clark). Let's help build our community together. Bring your buddies (Owners and non-Owners) and hear from our buddies (business partners) on why they stand with Chicago Market. RSVP here.
  • Join Chicago Market at Up & Under Festthe kickoff Wilson Underline event – Saturday, September 15th, 2-6pm. In partnership with Wilson Underline and Uptown United. More details and RSVP here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Meet Mike Sukowski, Owner #1245. He's stepped up to play a large role in our Co-op - volunteer coordinator! Get to know him better by emailing him to get involved as a volunteer yourself. He'll take good care of getting you plugged in, whether for a small role or something more involved. We have volunteer needs to fit everyone. 
Check out the list of our volunteer openingssign up and we'll help get you started! Here are a few pressing needs, but there are others too:
  • We need volunteers in lots of capacities for Up & Under Fest, September 15. From Team Captain to tabling to pre-event promotion and planning, there's a way for everyone to help! Email Mike.
  • Our Owner Loan team is looking for fundraisers to join the team. If that's you, please email Sofia
  • We are looking for volunteers to be on a committee to lead the stewardship of the Gerber building, doing things like keeping the parking lot clean, washing windows, clearing graffiti, parking lot management and more. Email Mike

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