February 2021 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter - February 2021

Back Your Co-op - Pledge Your Stimulus Check

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how powerful and resilient we are when we support each other. Strong local food systems sustain our community, and not just during a pandemic. Chicago Market is using our strength as a community to build a store that addresses critical food issues for the long run. We hope that, if you are able, you will pledge to donate all or part of your next stimulus check to Chicago Market. By redistributing these funds, you’re helping Chicago Market pay for near-term store development costs. In honor of the 7th Cooperative Principle of caring for our community, we’ll donate 7% of every donation to Lakeview Pantry to help meet immediate food needs for our neighbors.

In the past 11 months, we’ve seen just how fragile our food system is - while crops rotted on the ground in April, lines at food pantries stretched, literally, for miles. The price of returning to “normal” food distribution systems has been nationwide COVID-19 outbreaks among food chain workers, and almost a year later, demand at food pantries is still breaking records. Many people need food right now, and all of us need a more just and resilient food system.

We know the stimulus funds are a lifeline for families struggling to pay for rent, bills, and basic needs. But if you’re able, take the pledge to invest all or part of those funds back into your community. You don’t have to wait until the money hits your bank account - you can pledge now, and we’ll follow up with you once funds have been distributed.

Your Co-op Needs You to Grow

January was a great growth month for us - we welcomed 21 new Owners, AND broke the 1,900 milestone!

To reach our overall goal of 3,500 Owners by the time we close on our bank loan, we need to grow at an even faster pace. In order to do that, we need ALL Owners participating. Be an active advocate for your Co-op, the business we all own together.

What can you do? Help us reach new audiences.

  • Tell a friend! Invite them to join you as a Owner. 
  • Invite friends to our Ownership Info Sessions
  • Share your enthusiasm on your social media - this will reach people we're not reaching.
  • Connect us with like-minded organizations. Have you been in an online event recently where perhaps we could be a guest speaker? Are you in a networking group where you could use your speaking time to talk about the Co-op? Are you part of a Facebook group that should hear from you about the Co-op?

The Board and volunteers are working hard to expand our reach and the best way to do that is through each of YOU! If we each recruit ONE new Owner, we'll hit our goal! 

Need further inspiration? Come to our Owner Social Mixer this Thursday and let's kick ideas around together. 

SHOP Chicago Market!

Valentine's Boxes on sale now!
Time is running out to place your order for the Valentine's Day box and other sweet treats! Our farmers have created a sweet, thoughtful box of goodies, recipes and more and we've added amazing chocolates, marshmallows and other treats from Katherine Anne Chocolates - including an exclusive 
Valentine's Day Truffle Ganache Box. All just in time to surprise your Valentine!

SHOP online today for pickup on February 13th from 11am - 3pm at Chicago Market (Wilson and Broadway).

News from our Business Owners

Collective Resource Compost is sponsoring a Restaurant Raffle to support their commercial customers in food-related businesses. It goes until February 28th. All of the details are here.

"Platform 4611, a planned 200-unit multifamily and retail development located at the corner of Broadway & Wilson across the street from Chicago Market, has made significant progress in 2020 and we’re excited for what’s to come in 2021. Demolition of the site’s existing building is scheduled to begin at the end of February and construction is anticipated to begin later this year. We’re very excited to be neighbors with the amazing community of Chicago Market’s Owners, business Owners, and shoppers."

Looking for inspiration in the kitchen? Come join Charles, owner and chef of The Levantine Kitchen, for 90-minute zoom cooking classes focused on efficient meal prep. Attendees will leave with healthy, ready-to-eat meals for the week ahead. Click here for more details and to sign up!

"Wellbeing Personalized Healthcare has a new home. We have moved from Wilson Ave. to 4821 N. Damen Ave. We are a natural medicine clinic offering Naturopathic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine and Massage Therapy. We offer both telehealth and in-person visits with many safety precautions in place." 


In the News 


Upcoming Events 


Volunteers Needed

Hello from you Volunteer Coordinator! Chicago Market has a huge focus on enriching and growing our relationships with Owners as we move into this new year. And with it comes our new Co-op Cultivator Team! We are looking for both a leader and a few team members to lead this effort of relationship building. A few introductory details can be found below, and more comprehensive descriptions can be found online. So, if you’re passionate about Chicago Market and want to help us get other people excited, join our Co-op Cultivators!

Cultivator Leader - We're seeking an enthusiastic, organized leader to head up our outreach team of Co-op Cultivators. The team is tasked with connecting and meeting with all new and recent Owners to engage them in the work of Chicago Market. With support from the Board Liaison and other relevant teams, the Cultivator Leader will set outreach strategy and targets, track and disseminate outreach data, and train and mentor new volunteers as Co-op Cultivators. 

Co-op Cultivators - We're seeking social, excited volunteers to join our outreach team of Co-op Cultivators. With support from the Cultivator Lead, Co-op Cultivators will reach out to and build relationships with Owner contacts, hold outreach calls and conversations with these contacts to explore personalized opportunities to engage with Chicago Market, and support the broader team through contact tracking and knowledge sharing.


How Can You Support Your Co-op Now?

 You can do it!

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