Online Workshop: Growing Microgreens at Home with Kasey Eaves

Want to grow your own food this winter? Or maybe year round? With no garden? Let's talk microgreens! Kasey Eaves, owner of Vivant Gardening Services, will give us an introduction to growing and harvesting these beginner-friendly superfoods. Supplement your winter diet with a continuous supply of fresh, super fast-growing, and highly nutritious greens from the comfort of your home.

This online session is free to attend, but your $10 suggested donation helps support local businesses Chicago Market and Vivant Gardening Services. After you click "Send RSVP" below, an optional donation page will appear right below the confirmation text if you'd like to support us!

RSVP below and let's get growing!

Our presenter, Kasey Bersett Eaves, Owner #70, started growing edibles and her treasured sunflowers at age two on family farm property in southern Illinois. As owner of Vivant Gardening Services, she spends her days gardening with edibles, natives, and pollinator plants approachable to area residents, restaurants, schools, and more. Never daunted by the task of growing in a city’s unusual spaces, Kasey loves finding creative and easily maintained growing solutions for city dwellers.

January 26, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Zoom (link will be sent in advance to attendees)
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