June 2018 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter - June 2018

Unlocking Gerber

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer for Chicago Market Owners and supporters! Here’s what we’ve accomplished thus far:
  • We’ve re-keyed the Gerber Building locks and now have access to the building
  • The first portion of our security deposit for Chicago Market's new home, the historical Gerber Building, is paid
  • We've hosted three successful Ownership Info Sessions which led to lots of new Chicago Market Owners
  • Our Site/Architecture team is busy finalizing and presenting proposals for scope of work to the Chicago Market Board for our preferred architect and store designer 
  • Our marketing team is crafting an Owner Growth Implementation Plan to ensure our funding goal of 2,000 Owners by the end of 2018 and it's nearly complete


Calling all candidates for the Chicago Market Board!

Annual Board elections will be held this summer! At this critical juncture -- with both Owner growth, funding and store design in process -- our Co-op needs dedicated individuals to guide the organization. If you are interested in running for the Board, or exploring what being on the Board looks like, email Chicago Market Owner #346 Sara Dinges for details. Serving on the Board is a meaningful, fun and collaborative experience that will help build Chicago's next co-op grocery store!

Here's a super-easy way to support Chicago Market!

Please share this newsletter with your like-minded friends and associates and encourage them to join you! We need to grow our Chicago Market community of Owners from our current 1174 all the way to 2,000 by the end of 2018. 

Owner Loan Campaign

Our Owner Loan Campaign (OLC) will be essential to the growth of our Co-op. Owners will receive more information in the mail come September. Can’t wait until then? Feel free to reach out to Sofia to talk about a loan now.

Stick it! (A Yard Sign, that is!)

Our data proves that Chicago Market yard signs WORK! Stick one in your dirt and help us attract people to our cooperative market. Help us GROW by putting a newly redesigned Chicago Market Yard Sign in your yard, window, garden plot (personal or community garden) or flower box. Order yours here

Here's the s(coop) from our blog

Why Do We Need Chicago Market When We Already Have Farmers Markets?
Good question (and we get it a lot). Here's a hint: We’re both partners in the same work and are proud to be working together to connect people with their farmers and food. Read more.

If We Fund It, It Will Come: Why Building Our Co-op Will Take A Village
How much money do you think we will need to fund the design, construction, store-build-out, purchase of equipment, shelving and refrigeration units (and the food to stock them), employee training, publicity…and all the rest that goes into owning and operating a 13,239-square-foot grocery store? Go ahead – take a guess. Then read our blog post to see how close you came!

Owner Loans Key to Co-op Success
The Chicago Market Owner Loan Campaign (OLC) is an opportunity for Chicago Market Owners to invest their own hard-earned capital in our mission-driven and cooperatively owned and run grocery store. Participate in values-based investing and live out your commitment to the principles that compelled Chicago Market Owners to join in the first place! Learn more!

Ten Giant Steps to Get to Opening Day of Chicago Market
Chicago Market Board member and Site/Architecture Team Leader Dan Miller (Owner #485) breaks down the ten necessary steps in the design, architecture, construction and getting-operational process of Chicago Market's new home in the historic Gerber Building. Read on to learn how we're bringing the Gerber proposal to life.

Upcoming events

Ownership Info Session: 12pm on Saturday, July 14 at Uptown Donuts on Wilson Ave - RSVP here

House parties

Do you like Chicago Market? Do you have friends who might also like Chicago Market? Do you like PARTIES???
Then why not host a house party and invite your like-minded friends to learn more about our Co-op?
Cooperatives are built one Owner at a time. That’s why a great way to spread the word about Chicago Market is to host a house party! We will help make hosting a house party as easy as possible. We provide a kit with instructions and check lists, tips and pointers, brochures and posters for your guests, tote bags for new Owners who join at the party and more. We will arrange for one our leadership team to come and speak to your group and answer any questions your friends might have about our project.

What? You say, all your friends are already Owners? Okay, then what about hosting a party or gathering with folks from your church, mosque or synagogue, or gathering together folks from work, or your gym, or your knitting club, your block club, or your homeowner's association? You get your peeps together, provide a space and some refreshments, and we'll provide a tool kit that gives you everything you need to make your party successful and easy to execute.

Interested? Please contact Board Member, Dana McKinney.

Volunteer Opportunities

Here's your chance to pitch in and make Chicago Market a reality! Check out the list of our volunteer openings, sign up and we'll help get you started!
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator Assistants
  • Social Media Ambassador - Facebook
  • Social Media Ambassador - Twitter
  • Social Media Ambassador - Instagram
  • Social Media Ambassador - LinkedIn
  • Social Media Manager
  • Event Planning Leads
  • House Party Lead
  • Data Entry and Projects
  • Website

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