Online Workshop: Summer Cocktails with Bitter Ex!

Do you have an inner mixologist in you or want to learn more about making amazing cocktails? Join us for an interactive workshop with Owner #1262 Ryan Rezvani, owner of Bitter Ex Bitters, as he demonstrates two cocktail recipes using fruit, fresh herbs, shrubs, and of course bitters!

If you’d like to follow along live as Ryan shows us “The Black Widow” and “The Mint Condition,” download the Ingredient List now so you can have your ingredients and tools handy to follow along. The download also has a link to order bitters from Ryan's store for delivery in advance of the event! Just want to watch and learn? That’s perfect too.

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Bitter Ex Bitters, exes in love/partners in business, handcraft delightful creations right in the heart of Chicago. They make 8 dynamic styles of cocktail bitters: Aromatic, Citrus, Spicy Celery, Root Beer, Coffee, Sour Cherry, Hot Pepper, and Charred Cedar & Cloves. All are available individually or in gift sets. Bitters are essentially flavor extracts with a process not unlike vanilla extract, yet more complex. Mainly for accentuating cocktails, bitters also are frequently used in baking and cooking recipes, as evidenced on Bitter Ex’s recipe page.
July 16, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Leslie Gordon John Novotny Jonathan Baker Victoria Vanourek Katie Rainsburg Jennifer Newman Roy Palondikar Steve Beran Shannon Kamikubo Nadia Hasan John Morrison Bethany Brownholtz Kristina Gelardi Jennifer Philbrook Carol Stukey Dan Pride James Duty Adam Schloss Sital Sathia Marissa Miller Caren Evers Sarah Grimm Lauren Thomas West Jamie West Shawn McCrimmon Lisa Youngberg Michelle Douglas Scott Cummings Brandi Gail Pilar Mercado Fuller Lisa Wieczorek Sandra Mazlagic Emilie Puttrich Sarah Bergman Kate Grimm Dana McKinney Sofia Jouravel Leslie Gordon Kathryn Kaushal Christie Schuessler Rachel Crump Stephen Simmons James Gignac

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