August 2019 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter - August 2019

We Will Build This Store Together

Five years ago this month, we were in the middle of an audacious plan. We had undergone one of the most ambitious co-op ownership campaigns in the country, were getting terrific publicity, and had assembled a team of committed volunteers. Fifteen Owners were voted by the first 650 Founding Owners to become the first board members of Chicago Market. Since the fall of 2014, we have grown to a community of more than 1,700 Owners, have leased a historic building for our community grocery store, and by this time next year, when our local food is at the peak of the season, should be open for business.

You won’t have to imagine the crunchy local apples, the sweet blueberries, the delicious beets, tasty squashes and bountiful greens. You’ll be able to walk the aisles of your independent store, staffed by members of our community, and feed your family from your local co-op.

There’s a lot to do between now and then and we have to keep our eyes on the prize. We’re close to a final store design, will begin our General Manager hiring process, and working with banks to finalize our funding. Each of the hundreds of details of a start-up of our size are being organized by your elected board, along with our project manager and Owner’s rep. Yet our co-op exists for the benefit of, and solely because of, its Owners. Owners are the sources of our inspiration, our skills, our capital, our support. Working together, we will drive our community co-op towards success.


Annual Owners Meeting
Hear an update on our progress this year, meet the candidates for the Board of Directors, Q&A, and mingle with fellow Owners.

Thursday, August 29 from 6-8pm at Truman College Theater (RSVP here)


News from our Business Owners

Chicago Market Business Owner Charles Dabah, owner and chef of The Levantine Kitchen, will be one of the featured chefs at Growing Home's 7th Annual Backyard Dinner on September 15th. Come on out for an outdoor evening full of local food and drinks and support this amazing organization! Tickets can be purchased here.

You Can Always Loan

Yes, our Owner Loan Campaign is on hiatus right now, but we still need to fill our funding gap and YOU can loan anytime! Email Sofia to get started!

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