May 2018 Newsletter

Chicago Market Newsletter - May 2018

Our Future Home...and the Next Steps

Hey Chicago Market Fans! GUESS WHAT? We now have a site to build our co-op grocery store!

Chicago Market has entered into a lease with the Chicago Transit Authority to build out the exquisite Gerber Building at the Wilson 'L' Station at Broadway and Wilson. Read all about our fabulous future location and other fun tidbits here.

Speaking of the future...here’s what’s next!

1. Priority #1 is to grow our Chicago Market community of Owners from our current 1,142 to 2,000 by the end of 2018. If you’re ready to become an Owner, join us today! All you current Owners, please share this newsletter with your like-minded friends and associates and encourage them to join you.

2. Also underway are efforts to secure the funds necessary to pay the designers and construction professionals to build our grocery store. Owners have an important role to play in this endeavor – become an Owner and we'll tell you all about Owner Loan Campaign Info Sessions. 

3. When we meet our goals in #1 and #2, we can start to build our big, bright, beautiful Co-op in early 2019.

Check out the infographic that details every step along the way.

Let’s go… Grow. Fund. Build.


Answers to Your Questions

You have questions about our new site, our timeline and more? We've been writing blog posts with answers!

Why Become an OWNER of Chicago Market? - a testimonial from Annette Mambuca, Owner #148

Ten Giant Steps to Get to Opening Day of Chicago Market – Your Community Co-op - interview with Dan Miller, head of our Site/Architecture team

If We Fund It, It Will Come: Why Building Our Co-op Will Take a Village - chat with our Funding Director Greg Berlowitz, who explains our funding plan and the Owner Loan Campaign

Ownership Info Sessions

We've got a lot of Info Sessions on the calendar, so come out to one soon to celebrate with us and learn more about becoming an Owner.
May 31 Ownership Info Session - Albany Park Library
June 6 Ownership Info Session - Emerald City Coffee House

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always in need of volunteers! If you're able to help out in any of the following capacities, email Lee.

- This Sunday, May 20 join Chicago Market Board Members Dana and Sunny to help kids with coloring and answer parents' questions about Chicago Market. Come for all or part of the event: 10 am - 3 pm at Superheroes Assemble at Chase Park, 4701 North Ashland. Sign up here.

- Help us spread the word about Chicago Market - pass out flyers at the Wilson CTA station! Sign up here.

- Put Chicago Market on display - deliver yard signs to Chicago Market Owners. Sign up by email here.

- Spread the word about Chicago Market to your friends and neighbors by hosting a house party! We will help make it as easy as possible. Contact Kelly for more information.

- House Party Team Lead - Coordinate and help Owners who are interested in hosting a house party! Contact Lee for more information.

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