Weekly Update, 2/9-2/15


Here's a quick update on what our Chicago Market teams have been doing this past week:

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Year in Review

The Grocery Logistics and Procurement team met and prioritized goals for the next 10 months. High on the list is building a database of farmers and producers so our eventual General Manager knows where to source food from.

Marketing and Funding teams met to discuss the Owner Loan Campaign.

Marketing began the #reasons2own campaign with quotes and images from Owners about Chicago Market.

Finance met to move our pro forma forward.

We sent out our February newsletter, as well as an email about our March 5 pop-up market. 

Events continued work planning the March 5 pop-up market.

Teams met to review upcoming Information Technology projects.

The Funding Director met with the management team to go over his progress.

Finance updated Nationbuilder accounts, to add in owners and update Business as Owner accounts. 

Content & Design talked with a new volunteer who will take over editing the monthly newsletter. 

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