Payment plan now available for Market ownership


You asked and Chicago Market answered.

Many of you told us that $250 is a lot to pay all at once to become a Chicago Market Owner, so our ace finance/tech/legal team has developed an ownership payment plan.

Now, you can help build your dream grocery store for as little as $25 a month. 

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Growing Owners, one by one


Photo © Chad Leverenz

This week has been an exciting one here at team Chicago Market. 

We're all realizing something very exciting:

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10 Things Everybody Wants to Know about Chicago Market


Over the last month, we’ve gotten hundreds of great questions from our website, at events and over email. Everyone wants to learn more about Chicago Market. Here are the answers to the top ten frequently asked questions about the Market.

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Finding beauty in 'ugly' food

photo © Liat Shanan

photo © Liat Shanan

Do you seek out the "prettiest" produce when you're shopping at the grocery store or farmer's market? Well, you may be missing out -- and making an environmentally unfriendly choice -- if you're subjecting your fruits and vegetables to a beauty contest. 

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Meet the Owner: Heather Lalley



This is the first in an ongoing series of profiles of Chicago Market Owners telling us why the co-op is important to them. 

We've lost our way when it comes to food. Used to be, we knew who grew our green beans, who raised our steaks, who baked our bread. That's rare today. We're rushing through drive-throughs, clicking a few buttons online for pizza, popping open a bag of whatever. I have two kids and work part-time and it's so easy to fall into those routines. 

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It's fitting that Father's Day is the birth of Chicago Market – A Community Co-op

I founded Chicago Market 18 months ago because I'm a father.

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Find what you're looking for at Chicago Market

You're here because you care about what you and your family are eating. You're passionate about who produces your food and what's in it. You shop farmer's markets and read labels.

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So, what exactly is a food co-op?

A food co-op is, simply, a legally recognized member-owned grocery store. 

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