Weekly Update, 2/22-2/29


Here's a quick update on what our Chicago Market teams have been doing this past week:

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Year in Review

The Board held its monthly meeting. See the minutes here

Site Team interviewed architects.

Our policy governance lead worked on developing guidelines, expectations and limitations to empower our general manager and his or her team to be able to affectively run the market in a manner that honors and implements the mission and vision of Chicago Market without having the board micromanage.

Our Grocery Logistics and Procurement team held a producer listening session to learn from producers who they view their relationship to us and retailers in general.

The Content team is sending the text of the March newsletter to the Design team.

Site, Funding, Marketing and Owner Engagement teams met to realign our timeline.

Events continues work on the March 5 pop-up market. 

Content & Marketing sent out reminder emails for the pop-up. 

The Vendor messaging team has been working on writing texts and collecting logos and pictures for the individual poster signs that we are making for all pop-up vendors to show how they adhere to our Purchasing values. We now have 13 vendors registered for the pop-up. 

Volunteers met to plan new training sessions to recruit volunteers. 

Funding met with the Kinship Foundation and Chicago Community Trust to discuss foundation support for Chicago Market. 

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