Greetings (and congrats!) to Owners Myles Soverel and Elliot Massuda

Chicago Market is thrilled to welcome newly married Owner #984 Myles Soverel and Elliott Massuda. Learn more about them...

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If We Fund It, It Will Come: Why Building Our Co-op Will Take a Village

Chicago Market Owners’ dreams for our Co-op store have been clear since the beginning: We want a big, bright, beautiful community-owned grocery store open to all that features local, sustainably farmed, organic produce, meat and dairy products, as well as all the other staples and amenities you’d expect from your market. And because it’s a cooperative, it will be devoted to a triple bottom line: People. Planet. Profit. 

As you can imagine, it won’t come cheap.

How much money do you think we will need to fund the design, construction, store-build-out, purchase of equipment, shelving and refrigeration units (and the food to stock them), employee training, publicity…and all the rest that goes into owning and operating a 13,239-square-foot grocery store? Go ahead – take a guess.

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Ten Giant Steps to Get to Opening Day of Chicago Market – Your Community Co-op

Now that we have the keys to the Gerber Building, it’s all systems GO!

So where, actually, do we “go” from here?

We turned to Chicago Market Board member and Site/Architecture Team leader Dan Miller (Owner #485, pictured with his wife Celeste)

to learn about the necessary steps in the design, architecture, construction and getting-operational process. Conveniently, he broke it down into 10 (not-so-easy-for-us-nonprofessional-types) steps. Let’s take a look.

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Gerber Building Celebration at Nick's on Wilson

The Chicago Market community got together on May 12, 2018 at Nick's on Wilson to celebrate our signed lease for the Chicago Transit Authority​'s Gerber Building at Wilson Station!

New people became Owners! Existing Owners left inspired to tell their friends and neighbors the good news and have them also join us as Owners!

And big thanks to Nick's for hosting and to Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine​ for the delicious cheese,
bread and veggie trays.

All photos from Owner Malcolm Haar!

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Why Become an OWNER of Chicago Market?

I was one of the early Owners of Chicago Market (#148) — a start-up cooperative grocery that was founded in 2014 — and I have been volunteering with them ever since. 

Frankly, I have yet to have the opportunity to walk into "my" co-op and buy anything. So...

Why did I plunk down $250 and buy a share?  

Annette and Lee Herman at a recent Zero Waste event at Shedd Aquarium.

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Gerber Building Owner Celebration

Chicago Market Owners got together at LONGACRE on May 10, 2018 to celebrate our signed lease with the
Chicago Transit Authority for the
Gerber Building at the Wilson 'L' station!

All photos from Owner Malcolm Haar!

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Top 5 Reasons Why CTA’s Wilson El Station is Ideal for Chicago Market and Uptown

Every Chicago Market Owner and enthusiast is shouting it from the hilltops (sea level, actually): We have a store location!

And it’s official. On May 9, CTA officials announced that the architectural marvel known as the Gerber Building will henceforth be home to Chicago Market – A Community Co-op.

As thrilling as it is to finally have a site, what’s even more spine-tingling is that the future site of our Co-op sits squarely in the middle of one of the North Side’s most diverse Chicago neighborhoods it intends to serve. Uptown.

What makes the Wilson El stop such an ideal spot for Chicago Market? Let’s count the ways…

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Meet Kim Renner, Owner #981!

Chicago Market loves posting profiles about our Owners. So whether you're one of the Co-op's early adopters -- or just recently jumped onboard like Kim Renner -- tell us all about you! Fill out our Owner survey and tell us what's important to you!

Now, let's get to know what Kim is all about...

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Chicago Market April 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Lakeview Pantry
Minutes: Emily
Present: Ankit, Jen, Dana, Dan, Sara, Lee, Grant, Greg, Sunny, Sofia, Edward

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Following Sara Rodites on the Path to Zero Waste

Just two years ago, Sara Rodites, Owner #937, had never heard of composting. Growing up in suburban Pittsburgh, the concept of reducing the amount of trash she produced was not on her radar.

Now a Chicagoan of 6 years, Sara throws away just about one grocery bag full of trash per month. I sat down with Sara to talk about her transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, how she still buys ice cream, and why zero waste worked better than KonMari to bring light and simplicity to her life.

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